Secure payment

You can pay in using yout internet banking. Payment are accepted from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland.

Internet Banking

Fast Payment option is made through your internet banking and will be processed instantly 24/7.

After choosing Internet Banking option, MisterTango module will pop-up:

Choose option “Fast bank payment”. Choose your bank from drop down menu:

After choosing your bank, choose authentication type:

After choosing authentication type you will be able to login to your bank and pay for your order using payment initiation service. Please note that such payment will be processed instantly and activation codes will be delivered automatically.

Bank Transfer

If you can not use “Fast bank payment” option, you can choose option “Bank Transfer” and make standard bank transfer. Please note that such payment IS NOT instant and will be processed next work day.

After choosing “Bank Transfer” option you will receive payment data and you can send standard payment. After payment is done, activation codes will be delivered after payment is processed (next work day).

After payment is received, activation codes delivered automatically 24/7. You can find them in “My Games” section or in your email.